AssurPremium, in partnership with FlashDiscount, offers you exceptional peace of mind for your e-commerce purchases. Enjoy a one-year warranty extension on all your purchases, covering breakage, malfunction, loss, and theft, all at no extra cost. With AssurPremium, if your product encounters a problem, we will replace it for free, ensuring a worry-free shopping experience.

AssurPremium protects all your purchases against breakdowns.

Opting for AssurPremium means choosing peace of mind and optimal protection for your online purchases, with a major advantage: in the event of a malfunction, you don't even have to worry about returning the defective product. In a world where electronics and consumer goods play a central role in our daily lives but remain vulnerable to malfunctions, having a reliable warranty is essential. AssurPremium raises the bar by offering extended coverage, freeing you from any hassle related to your products' malfunctions. Imagine an experience where, at the first sign of a malfunction, your product is covered without you having to deal with the inconvenience of returning it. AssurPremium ensures that your purchases remain secure and functional, ready to serve you without interruption.

AssurPremium protects all your purchases against breakage.

Opting for AssurPremium means choosing serenity for your online purchases, with an even more convincing assurance: in the event of breakage, there's no need to send back the damaged product. In our daily lives, where electronic devices and other consumer goods are both valuable and exposed to risks, protecting against breakage with reliable coverage is crucial. AssurPremium goes beyond expectations by offering an extended warranty that spares you the hassle of managing returns. Imagine complete peace of mind, where, in the event of an accident, your product is taken care of without the constraint of returning it. With AssurPremium, your purchases remain protected and operational, ensuring continuous, worry-free use.

AssurPremium protects all your purchases against loss.

By choosing AssurPremium for your online purchases, you enjoy unparalleled peace of mind, including for situations of loss, without the need to prove the return of the lost product. In our daily life, where electronic devices and other valuable items play an essential role but are also prone to getting lost, securing against this possibility with solid protection is crucial. AssurPremium revolutionizes the traditional warranty by offering comprehensive coverage that frees you from any concern related to the loss of your products. Imagine no longer having to worry about the consequences of a lost item; AssurPremium immediately steps in to offer a solution, without the usual hassle of return procedures. This ensures that your shopping experience remains serene, with the assurance that your purchases are secure against the unexpected.

AssurPremium protects all your purchases against theft.

By opting for AssurPremium, you secure your online purchases against the risk of theft, without the constraint of having to prove that the item was stolen. In our daily lives, where our electronic devices and other valuable possessions are indispensable but also exposed to theft, having effective protection becomes essential. AssurPremium transforms the concept of warranty by offering comprehensive coverage that frees you from any worry in case of theft. Imagine a situation where, despite the disappearance of your property, you are taken care of without having to prove the return of the stolen item. AssurPremium guarantees you complete peace of mind, ensuring that your purchases are protected and replaced, allowing you to continue enjoying your belongings without interruption or hassle.

General Conditions of the Warranty Extension by AssurPremium in Partnership with FlashDiscount

When a customer makes a purchase on FlashDiscount, they have the option to add a one-year warranty extension offered by our partner AssurPremium. To benefit from this extension, the "1-year warranty extension" box on the payment page must be checked during the ordering process.

This warranty extension covers the replacement of the product in case of breakdown, breakage, theft, or loss, without the need to provide any justification. This service is offered only once for each product covered by the extension.

The amount corresponding to the warranty extension, as indicated on the payment page, will be charged to the customer via a second transaction within 24 hours following the purchase. If the customer decides not to keep the warranty extension, they can cancel this option without any charges by contacting our customer service at, before the 24-hour deadline after their order expires. In this case, no charges related to the warranty extension will be applied.

In the event that the transaction has already been made, the customer still has the option to request a full refund of the warranty extension, provided that it has not been used. The refund request must be submitted within 90 days following the order.

For any cancellations or refund requests, the customer must contact customer support at the provided address. This policy ensures maximum flexibility and optimal protection for their online purchases, offering unparalleled peace of mind.