Payment terms

Payment terms

When you place an order on our site, your card is debited in GBP immediately and not at the time of shipment.

If you wish to obtain a refund, this can be done by contacting us at, you have 24 hours after ordering to do so.

A refund takes 2 business days to be initiated by Flash-Discount and between 3 and 5 business days to be processed by our financial institution and return to your account.

Our accepted payment methods:

  • Credit card payment
  • Debit card payment

You will be asked to enter the details of your payment method during the ordering process and to follow the instructions provided during your first order. Your payment card may undergo a payment verification process by your bank. All payments made on Flash Discount are processed through the Stripe payment gateway, which provides secure SSL payment protection. The Stripe payment gateway accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMEX. All prices and numbers are in GBP. Payment by credit card is therefore perfectly secure; your order will be recorded and validated upon acceptance of the payment by your chosen bank.

Your payment information

We cannot access the number of your credit/debit card. When your purchase is complete, we can only see your billing information, shipping information, order details, and the last 4 digits of your credit/debit card.

Billing condition

Secure Sockets Layer (128-bit SSL security): Flash-Discount utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to provide you with the best and safest shopping experience. SSL technology encrypts sensitive information, including passwords and credit/debit card numbers, during your online transactions. All forms on our website are secured with SSL technology to protect your personal information from malicious hands.


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Phone: 01 151 528 0136