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Products Disclaimer

1. About Our Health Products

General Information:   At Flash Discount, we offer health products aimed at enhancing your overall well-being. Although our products are designed to complement your health routine, they are not a substitute for medical expertise. For any health questions or concerns, consulting a doctor is always recommended.
  Quality Commitment and Responsibility   CPM Consulting FZ LLC is committed to providing quality products on its Flash Discount website. However, we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or side effects related to the use of our health products.

2. About Our Weight Loss Products

Variability of Results:   We understand that every weight loss journey is unique. That's why, although our products are designed to support you in this goal, results may vary based on multiple individual factors such as lifestyle and diet.
  Professional Advice and Responsibility:   Before starting any weight loss program or using our products, consulting a health professional is strongly advised for guidance tailored to your needs. Flash Discount declines all responsibility for specific results or unmet expectations.

3. About Products for Animals

Recommended Use:   We encourage responsible use of our products for animals, following the provided instructions. While CPM Consulting FZ LLC ensures the quality and safety of these products, our liability cannot be engaged in case of inappropriate use.
  Professional Advice and Responsibility:   Information about our products for animals is provided to guide you, but does not replace the advice of a veterinarian. We always recommend consulting a professional for the specific health care of your animals. Flash Discount cannot be held responsible for incidents resulting from the improper use of these products.

4. Guide to Using Our Skin Products

Personalization of Care:   We are proud to offer a range of skin products, designed to suit various skin types. However, we know that every skin is unique. We encourage you to test any new product on a small area and to consult a dermatologist or specialist before integrating it into your skincare routine.
  Professional Advice and Responsibility:   CPM Consulting FZ LLC strives to ensure the satisfaction and safety of its customers. However, Flash Discount cannot be held responsible for unexpected reactions or sensitivity to the skin products offered.

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