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Magnetic Acupressure and Reflexology Insoles

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"The feet are the foundation of the human body and represent the pillar of our health, supporting our entire weight."

"Nowadays, man depends too much on pharmaceutical treatments and neglects the vital structure of our body." - Dr. Hart

Dr. Hart assembled a team of specialized orthopedic physicians. He molded a sole capable of reproducing therapeutic results. 

This is how the magnetic insoles were born.

Our nervous system works like the branches of a tree.

When the branches fail to provide nutrients to its leaves, the leaves begin to wither and eventually fall.

Just like the branch of a tree, each nerve is attached to a vital organ.

However, as our body ages, our nerves are destroyed and fail to connect to our organs. This causes pain, indicating a threat to the physical integrity of the body. This leads to a whole range of disorders, from arthritis to osteoporosis.

By applying calculated pressure to specific points on our feet, it directly activates the weakened nerve fibers to regenerate.

The Magnetic Insoles were created with thousands of self-stimulating pressure points.

Its lightweight design cushions and distributes weight across the foot.

This unique design applies pressure to specific points on the foot, sending signals to the brain to realign the nerve endings of each organ.

This strengthens the connection between the organs and the brain.

It also opens the neural pathway in our lumbar spine, and improves blood flow to relieve pain.

"In addition to this, Magnetic Insoles improve your overall health while increasing your life expectancy." - Dr. Hart

These Magnetic Insoles can help you maintain good health and longevity. 

Eliminate all your aches and pains and take care of yourself.  


  • 1 Pair x Magnetic Insoles


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Magnetic Acupressure and Reflexology Insoles

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